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In this video Professor Paul T. Anastas, Director fo the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale introduces the goals of Green Chemistry and its crucial importance to revert the degrading chemical process that have been in use for over 200 years. Professor Anastas also mention the diverse applicability of Green Chemistry, listing the various industrial sectors in which it can be used, and express his excitement about the great prospect of the field.

Business Case

Green Chemistry is known for allowing sustainable development and harmonizing modern economies and the environment; however, few know about the tremendous economic benefits  that results from technologies developed trough the field. In this hypothetical business case study, we show how the application of Green Chemistry principles can bring benefits to virtually every stage of the production process.


Feedstocks are essential to human activities as they generate, when industrially processed, a huge array of products that are part of daily life. While oil is the most used feedstock given its great versatility, its extensive use have brought significant environmental impacts and insecurities about its availability. In this video, we show how Green Chemistry has been approaching the different issues associated with the use of environmental unfriendly feedstocks.


Solvents are essential to promote a variety of reactions in various industrial processes. While there are solvents which represent a hazard to humans and the environment, in this video we show how Green Chemistry research push the boundaries of cleaner and safer solvents.


Catalysts provide great improvement to industrial chemical process in terms of speed and waste prevention. In this video, we show the important role catalysis play in industrial processes and in Green Chemistry.

Safer Molecules

The design of safer molecules is an essential aspect of Green Chemistry, especially when it comes to hazard reduction. In this video we discuss the importance of the principle of Safer Molecules for both human and environmental health.


Waste prevention is one of the central concerns of Green Chemistry. In this video, we show the various ways of dealing with waste, and how reducing waste throughout every stage of the production process becomes of great importance among them.


The modern human revolves around energy, whether it is used for manufacturing, transporting or communicating. In this video, we explain the important role Green Chemistry plays in terms of new energy generation and energy storage technologies.

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