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The Technology Compendium is a directory of green chemistry and engineering technologies from around the world. It provides a worldwide snapshot of technologies that are currently commercially available or are in the process of becoming commercially available, and are applicable across a broad range of sectors and industries.

Download the Technology Compendium by clicking on this button.

The Technology Compendium is available here starting in August 2020.
It will also be available as a searchable database with the Green ChemisTree Foundation in 2020.
The  objective  of  the  Global  Green  Chemistry  Initiative is  to  increase  the  general  global  awareness  and  capacities  on  deployable  Green  Chemistry  approaches  for  the  design  of  products  and  processes  that  advance  global  environmental  benefits  throughout  their  life  cycles.
The  technology  must  be  a  green  chemistry  or  engineering  solution  that:

1. Has  an  identified  potential  application;
2. Is  a  chemical  reaction,  process,  or  product;  and
3. Addresses  a  human  health  and/or  environmental  need.
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