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Train-the-Facilitators Workshop Completed in Brazil

The second to last Train-the-Facilitators workshop has been completed in Rio de Janeiro as a part of the Yale-UNIDO Global Green Chemistry Initiative. This fifth workshop in the series was hosted by the SENAI Innovation Institute for Green Chemistry led by Antonio Augusto Fidalgo Neto and managed by Sergio Noboru Kuriyama. The event took place at newly renovated facility at the Casa Firjan.

30 participants attended the workshop and included representatives from academia (Federal University of ABC, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, State University of São Paulo, Federal University of Bahia, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, University of Campinas, Fluminense Federal University) and from local industry (Braskem, Carioca Fabric of Catalysts, Petrobras, Natura, Manufacturing and Technology Integrated Campus, ABQUIM, L’Oreal, Jaguarete Eco-Smart Solutions). Participants represented managers, business leaders, technology specialists, teachers, researchers, and engineers.

“The Train-the-Facilitators was a great opportunity for all the participants. For some of them it was their first approach to green chemistry while for the others it was an opportunity to study in depth and be aware of the 12 principles, be familiar to real applications of green chemistry in different context, including the Colombian context” said Gloria Restrepo, NCPC representative. She added “ Based on the knowledge gained on green chemistry, teachers that were part of the formed group will use this to improve the current courses but also to develop new ones as well as to improve the draft of green chemistry curricula that the university is developing. Professionals from the industrial sector will make improvements on processes and product but also will measure changes already implemented. Consultants and other professionals will integrate green chemistry as a tool to solve complex situations or make processes/products more sustainable”.

In addition to the 5-day workshop that covered green chemistry - focusing on areas to equip participants with knowledge to become green chemistry champions - the event also featured a keynote presentation from Dr. John Warner, a co-founder of green chemistry. The keynote address ended with the announcement of SENAI green chemistry advisory board, which will help to advance green chemistry in Brazil.

The workshop and a keynote address were very well received by the audience and allowed participants to discuss green chemistry in depth and exchange of ideas between industry and academia. The event was led by Dr. John Warner (Warner Babcock Institute) and Dr. Karolina Mellor (Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale).

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