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Review paper on Green Chemistry progress over the last two decades published in Green Chemistry jour

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the seminal publication “Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice” by P.T. Anastas and J.C. Warner and the field of Green Chemistry has since grown and expanded with numerous innovative discoveries and contributions. A research team from the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale published a review paper outlining the vast progress that has been made in the field of Green Chemistry research in last the 20 years. The review is titled “The Green ChemisTREE: 20 years after taking root with the 12 principles” [1] and can be found online at, accessible with a (free) RSC account.

The review uses the framework established as the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to showcase advances within each respective principle, but also to highlight potential impacts of advances, tools for practitioners, and remaining challenges and opportunities. For visualization purposes, a tree diagram with 12 branches was created, where each branch represents a principle, and leaves on the branches indicate significant advances. The authors termed this diagram the “Green ChemisTREE”, reminiscent of similar tree diagrams which have historically been used to trace products back to a raw material, such as petroleum [2] or coal [3]. The “Green ChemisTREE” highlights advances in the field of Green Chemistry over the last two decades without forgetting the challenges that still lie ahead. The artwork was generously supplied by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

The review was prepared by a diverse group of students and research staff of the Center, with backgrounds from the departments of chemistry, chemical and environmental engineering, and forestry and environmental studies, with J.B. Zimmerman and H.C. Erythropel as the project leads.

  1. Erythropel, H.C., J.B. Zimmerman, T.M. de Winter, L. Petitjean, F. Melnikov, C.H. Lam, A.W. Lounsbury, K.E. Mellor, N.Z. Jankovic, Q. Tu, L.N. Pincus, M.M. Falinski, W. Shi, P. Coish, D.L. Plata, and P.T. Anastas, The Green ChemisTREE: 20 years after taking root with the 12 principles. Green Chemistry, 2018. 20(9): p. 1929-1961.



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